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About My Image Resizer

My Image Resizer is a free tool for resizing images online. My Image Resizer can resize almost unlimited number of images in no time. Supported image formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF.

Supported browsers are:

This online tool may not work in older browsers. Check Google Chrome if something doesn't work as expected.

Unfortunately, we don't support EXIF metadata – it gets striped off the images. If you want to keep your metadata, check our program Visual Image Resizer. It's a free desktop app for Windows and Mac. It uses all processor cores to resize thousands of images quickly. It also preserves EXIF metadata.

How To Use My Image Resizer

Using our online image resizer is fairly straightforward:

  1. Drag and drop your images into this page. The area will highlight when you drag your images into the correct position. You can also use Select Files button to bring up Open File dialog.
  2. Once you selected images, a resize settings dialog will appear. There are 4 options:
    • Fit Width - this option proportionally resizes images so that their width is equal to the value you specify.
    • Fit Height - this option proportionally scales images so that their height is equal to the value you specify.
    • Fit Width and Height - this option proportionally resizes images to fit them into a rectangle of the size you specified.
    • % of original - this option resizes images by specified percentage.
  3. Click Resize Images button. My Image Resizer will start resizing your images. Your browser will start downloading them as soon as they are ready. Most browsers will save them into your Downloads folder. You may see links to them on the bottom of your browser window.
  4. Once all images are resized, My Image Resizer will reset to its initial state so that you can resize even more images!